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Every day, we hear that our children are struggling. They’re overwhelmed by worry, sadness, anger, and stress. We see them tumble and spiral down a path of unhealthy choices and disconnection from their families.

Parents become paralyzed by the fear of doing something wrong. They’re afraid of causing another door-slamming anger outburst but are tormented by the potential consequences of not doing anything at all. They’re left confused by how upset their teens get when their Snapstreaks get interrupted or a round of Fortnite is lost.

I can help.

I enjoy working with kids who are stressed out, angry, or worried and are having difficulty managing it to teach them ways to handle their feelings. If you’re just speechless because your kid just keeps screaming that you don’t understand him, I can help you help them.

I help families who are fighting, feeling disconnected or just need some support through changes. Maybe you have a child leaving for college, you’ve recently moved to the area and your family is struggling to find their place, or maybe you’re going through a divorce. Changes are hard. I’m here to help how to get through big (and small) changes.

The kids aren’t the only ones suffering in our world—maybe you’ve found that you’re having trouble handling your job duties, every day life stress, worries, feeling sad or having a hard time adjusting to changes.

Using a straightforward approach, I will work with you to figure out your coping style, help you see things that could use improvement, support you in your difficult moments, and walk with you through the changes you want to make in your life. Children and teens enjoy my sense of humor and sarcasm (it’s my second language—I’m fluent) while parents and adults appreciate my honest and direct nature.

I look forward to working with you!




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There was never a night or a problem that could defeat sunrise or hope.
— Bernard Williams